Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Antardasha and vrats and multiple Ayanamsha! v6.3

Update to v6.3.1 !
• Antardasha added in Kundali
• Ekadashi and Sankashti Chaturthi Vrats added in Festival section. Festival now shown chronologically
• Ayanamshas Raman and Krishnamurti (old) added. Can be changed in settings


  1. Can you please do a similar app for iOS... I have been using my old android phone even after shifting to iOS only bcos of this app.. Amazing app.. PLease do the iOS version

  2. I am using Hindu Calendar app 6.3.1 on my Android phone. When I check the panchanga for Dec 28th 2016 it displays 'ayana' as 'Uttarayana'. I think it is a mistake. It should display the 'ayana' as 'Dakshinayana'. Can you please look into this?