Saturday, November 10, 2012

Kundli and more added . v4.1 is here !!

  • Kundli (North and South) added. Planet changed to Time View, subtabs for Jyotish
  • Lagna, Padas (Quadrants) for Nakshatras and samvatsara names for saka added .
  • DayView MyTithi Scroll expanded. 
  • Bug fix for specific wrong dates. (Courtesy Sandeep Sagaonkar and Jagdish Chipa)
  • Sun Moon Position fix in Planet view. (Courtesy Vishwas Dubey)
  • Changed names eg Trayodasi -> Trayodashi.
  • Added Input Text box for latitude/longitude.
  • Purnimant tithi numbering for month.(Thanks Mukul Prasad)